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Do I Need an Editor? Find Out from Sample

Why Do I Need an Editor to Check Through My Writing?

essay editing sampleCompleting any form of writing can be a long and time consuming process, especially for those people who really struggle at it but the work doesn’t just end when you finally finish. All that hard work will be completely wasted if you don’t take the extra time making sure it has been checked through very carefully. Many people ask themselves ‘do I need an editor?’ to which they generally believe they don’t. However, even minor errors can be extremely off-putting when someone is reading through unstructured sentences and it breaks their concentration, focusing only on the error and not on the rest of the text. It takes a lot of concentration to carry out any form of technical editing,, trying to focus on each individual words and comma placement can really put a strain on tired eyes which makes it a counterproductive exercise that doesn’t help to find and correct typos that are extremely obvious.

This is why many people search for professional essay editing services online such as ours to provide them with that extra level of help to ‘check my paper for errors’. Our best paper editing service can supply you with a fully qualified and experienced expert who has a profound knowledge of all things associated with the process. They have many years of experience within the editing industry on which they draw upon to ensure a quick and thorough check through your work, correcting data as they go. When you ask for our help to ‘edit my essay’ every word and character will be thoroughly examined to ensure it has been used correctly as well as the overall structure and sentence makeup being checked for a smooth transition throughout the entire paper.

Professional Help with Text That Needs Editing Samples

paper editing exampleThere are many texts that need editing samples that are easily available for you to download and gain an insight from when trying to complete the task on your own. They can often contain good ideas for going about the process but there is really no substitute for experience is you want it done right. So, do I need an editor? For important papers like a PhD dissertation then the answer is always yes. But there is no reason why you can’t check my essay for grammar using the following tips as supplied by our experts:

  • Let your writing rest for a while if you can spare the time: The more distance you put between yourself and your writing then the easier it is to find mistakes and make the needed improvements. If your schedule doesn’t allow this, find something else to do first that will help you distance yourself from the writing. Do something that clears your mind so you can approach the work from a fresh perspective.
  • Change your writing to a different format: If you have access to a printer, make a paper copy that you can use to make changes. More often, just seeing the writing in a different format can help you notice and correct everything from misspellings to poor word choice. If you are unable to print it out, try changing to a different font, color, or size or even converting it to HTML for a new perspective.
  • Read it out loud to yourself: The brain can often be a tricky machine that often only sees what they want to see. By reading out loud, this disrupts your brain’s attempt to make everything seem good. You will be more likely to find yourself getting stuck through poorly worded sentences and stopping at misspelled words. Also, this will help to pinpoint areas which could be improved if you have difficulty reading a section.
  • Read backwards: This is particularly helpful in disrupting the narrative flow and avoiding getting stuck in the content. It can help you find mistakes you would otherwise miss by forcing you to pay careful attention to detail.
  • Use software and online tools to help find and avoid mistakes: Just about all word processing software has built in support for checking spelling and simple grammar mistakes. They won’t catch everything but they are getting smarter. There are also free to use online checkers such as Grammarly which is another example of a writing app that acts as a fresh set of eyes to look over your work carefully and is pretty good to spot spelling and grammar mistakes.

Some Before and after Essay Editing Examples

To help you to decide ‘do I need an editor’, our experts have included a couple of small examples here to show the extent of work that is sometimes needed. As you can see from the sample writing that needs editing, there is a lot to consider in getting it right:

1st example:

She reluctantly handed over her purse, and nervously waited to have it placed back in to her hands. She felt a rush of relief as the Security Guard finished his search after 30 seconds and handed it back to her.

The same passage after it’s been fully edited:

She was reluctant to hand over her purse, and felt a rush of relief as the security guard finished his search and placed it back into her hands thirty seconds later.

2nd example:

The rising light of the sun was quickly brightening. Dawn was turning into morning. Alex finished reading her copy of the “New York Times” and put the paper down on the table, and then grabbed her ipod and put on Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and went out for her mourning run.

After the passage has been edited:

The dawn light brightened, giving way to morning. Alex tossed The New York Times onto the table, grabbed her iPod, and put on Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” as she headed out for her morning run.

The writing center @ Harvard suggest that:

“If you don’t want your reader to pause, there shouldn’t be a comma, there, because as, this demonstrates it’s very difficult to figure, out, what you’re saying when your punctuation, makes the sentence unreadable. Your sentences shouldn’t leave your reader hyperventilating from the constant shallow breaths that over-punctuation requires. Nor should they be gasping for breath at the end of a long, unpunctuated sentence”.

Advantages of Letting Our Experts Help You ‘Check My Essay Grammar’

editor onlineProfessional editing to the highest of standard is not something that an unqualified person can provide you with. This is why when you use our specialized services, you can be sure it will be carried out by professionals who are highly specialized at taking your essay and ensuring that it’s completely error free. We aim to always provide you with the best services available to edit my essay so that you will continue to use them for all your academic needs in the future.

If you find yourself asking ‘do I need an editor’ then the answer is always yes and if you want to ensure that your work is completed to the highest of standard by the best experts online, then get in touch with us now for a service which you can trust and afford!

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